Requires iOS 6.0+
iOS 9.0 compatible!
Requires the official Gmail app
(free in the Apple App Store)

Push for Gmail enables push for your Gmail accounts in the standard iOS Mail App.

On January 30, 2013, Google stopped offering push (instantly delivered) email for new devices, unless you use the official Gmail app. Push for Gmail allows you to enjoy push mail using the built-in Mail app again!

  • Saves your battery - only connects to Gmail when you have new mail
  • Receives new mail notifications instantly, just like the Gmail app


1. Install and launch the free Gmail app from the App Store.

2. Sign in to your Gmail account(s).

3. Enter the Gmail app's settings screen by first swiping in from the left, then tapping the 'Gear' icon at the top.
See screenshot

4. Ensure that Notifications are set to 'All New Mail' or 'Primary Only'.
See screenshot

5. Launch the Settings app and tap 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars'. Configure the same Gmail account(s) if not already configured.

6. Under 'Fetch New Data', set your Gmail account(s) to 'Manual'.
See screenshot

7. In the Settings app, tap 'Notification Center' and then 'Mail'. Make sure notifications for your Gmail account(s) are enabled.
See screenshot

IMPORTANT - You may need to reboot your device after configuring your account(s) in order to receive push messages.

IMPORTANT - Do not uninstall the Gmail app. Doing so will cause push messages to no longer be delivered.

Special thanks to Michael Yohe for the original concept, feedback, and testing.

This product is not affiliated with or endorsed by Google, Inc.

Gmail is a trademark of Google, Inc.